Buying Bitcoin in Canada with Shakepay

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum that I’ve found so far is with Shakepay. Shakepay is a Canadian crypto retailer providing Bitcoin and Ethereum for a floating exchange rate based on the current rate in Canadian dollars (CAD). This is similar to the currency exchange stores you may find in a border town where they’ll buy or sell slightly more or less than the market rate to make a profit. In the case of Shakepay, they charge +/- $250 on the going rate, equating to anywhere from 0.3% (@$67,000/btc) to 0.55% (@$45,000/btc).

The process is simple: Email money to Shakepay > Money shows up in your Shakepay account > Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with your Canadian Dollars > Transfer money to a private wallet > Profit ($$$$$$)

Shakepay has an easy to use and intuitive mobile app and website. Creating an account is simple and straightforward. As with any financial institution, many crypto exchanges require you to provide identification to prove you are a real human being. This can feel a little bit invasive but the reality is, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are financial assets. Even though they not currently heavily regulated, businesses providing retail access are proactively adhering to responsible best practices. There is an obvious opportunity to launder money through cryptocurrencies so providing your identification is your assurance that you are a real person who is using the service responsibly and legally.

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Once you’ve setup your account and completed the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) routine, you’re ready to send yourself some money to buy that crypto!

Shakepay Account Page

From the Shakepay account page, click “Add Funds”. For this example we’re going to select “Interac e-Transfer”.

Add Funds options
4 ways to add funds to your Shakepay account.

The first time you try to add funds to your account, you may be prompted with a set of questions to ensure that you aren’t being tricked or conned into buying crypto.

Finally, you’ll be given the information for your Interac E-transfer.

Go to your banking app or website and add a recipient. Use the information provided and use copy + paste if it helps to make sure everything is entered accurately.

Once the money hits your account, you will see it in your CAD wallet. At this point, you can go ahead and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum and transfer it to your own wallet.

When you’re ready to buy your crypto, click the “Buy & Sell” tab. You can change the “To” field to ‘Ethereum’ From ‘Bitcoin’ if you want to buy Ethereum instead of Bitcoin.
You can choose a dollar amount to buy at this point, either manually or you can select “Max” to exchange all of your Canadian Dollars.

Next Step, if you’re into Shorting or Longing with leverage, ByBit has you covered.
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